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The international designer and tailor, Justin Haynes of Jus10H, and the newly launched ONYX Inc., has blossomed into a must-see fashion sensation. His vibrant tones and colors, elegant patchwork, and classic vibe, have graced fashion runways, worldwide. Milan Fashion Week, Apsara Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, and Asia Fashion Week are just merely a few honorable mentions from Haynes’ extensive resume.

Coming from a small city (Springfield, MA), it was unusual for him to leave a job that offered stability, to pursue a childhood dream. Over the past thirteen years, Justin Haynes has experienced many firsts and succeeded in placing his small hometown on the map. Justin is the first, and only designer, to hold a casting call at Enfield Square Mall in Enfield, CT. He is the first designer to showcase his fashion at Springfield City Hall. Justin is the first from the Springfield area to showcase at Paris Fashion Week (held at the Eiffel Tower), New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, and Miami Fashion Week. And he is the first designer from the Springfield Area to dress an actress, Briana Roy from Disney’s Raven’s Home. Early this year, Justin had the honor of hosting a motivational session with a world-renowned costume designer, and native of His hometown, Ruth Carter. Justin was also given the exclusives honor of becoming a training partner with the fashion industry in Ukraine and has been named a CFDA designer (Council of Fashion Designer Association).

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